B a s i a D r o z d z i k

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Basia’s diverse and playful practice ranges from dynamic paintings to installations using geometric images. Her vision is translated in paint and in innovative art mediums varying from paint, thread to zippers. She explores the fusion of fine art with pop culture.

Basia makes her paintings using many layers of paint overlaid with expressive mark making of thick streams and gestural marks characterized by scratches and engravings. Her recent works on canvas carry an emblem of a blue square creating new narratives. Her highly worked and processed paintings convey time and displacement of space.

Basia’s thread work function as optical illusions fooling many of its viewers. The geometric images deliberately transform with light and cast shadows adding to the visual depth. The multi-color zipper work function as poems or musical chords luring the viewers for their touch.

Basia has exhibited
Chelsey, NY 2007
Boston, MA 2004-2008
Poznan, Poland 2006 & 2008.


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